Asa Stahl
Astronomer and Author

Asa Stahl is an Astrophysics PhD candidate, science communicator, and author of the award-winning pop science children's book The Big Bang Book.

I am an Astrophysics PhD candidate at Rice University, where my research seeks to explain how planets form and evolve by discovering what planetary systems are like throughout the galaxy. Specifically, I search for newborn planets around other stars with the goal of testing our understanding of planet formation. Ultimately, my research is aimed at answering some of our biggest questions, like "How special are we?" and "How did we get here?"

Science is made up of questions like these that connect us with the wider world. I write about physics and astronomy to share my curiosity, hoping to inspire the reader to ask their own questions. My recently published children's book, The Big Bang Book offers a crash-course in cosmology for the youngest readers. It was released by Creston Books in April 2020 and has since been recognized as a NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Book for 2021.

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