Asa Stahl
Astronomer and Author
Asa Stahl is an Astrophysics PhD candidate, science communicator, and author of the award-winning pop science children's book, The Big Bang Book.

Science, at its broadest, is made up of questions that connect us with the wider world. My research - detecting newborn planets around other stars - is aimed at answering some of our biggest questions, like "How special are we?" and "How did we get here?" I write about science to share my curiosity, hoping to inspire the reader to never stop asking questions.

My recently published children's book, The Big Bang Book, offers a crash-course in cosmology for the youngest readers. It was released by Creston Books in April 2020 and has since been recognized as an Ezra Jack Keats Nominee, a NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Book for 2021, and a Sakura Medal Finalist.

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